Retro Charade Shakespeareana


“Life must be lived as a play. Wisdom and success are only a couple clicks away.”

“Retro Charade Shakespeareana”– a magnificent display of dramatic skills by our VIVIANS. The intent of the drama was to stretch themselves and broaden their horizon. It was a chronological display of Shakespeare’s dramatic works including various sonnets. Nurturing the love of drama and the stade our VIVIANS enacted renowned plays like “Twelfth Night”, “King Lear” and dual characters. The dramatic work of VIVIANS encompass a wide range of subjects and styles from the playful “A Mid Summer Night’s Dream” to the gloomy “Macbeth.” Whether the child is a diva in the making or more inclined to be backstage crew, drama and acting could help develop skills that will offer a boost in many areas of life. Elegant oration of sonnets was followed by Literary Parade of Grade 6 to 8. Some children are born to seek out the limelight, but for others, the mere thought of performing in front of an audience brings them out. An exhilarating dance performance by Grade 7 and 8 boys was an added dessert to the grand treat.

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