Top Residential School in Karamadai, Coimbatore

VIVIDH offers ‘Day cum Residential & Weekly Boarding’ which gives parents the option of sending their children to hostel for the week. Weekends the students go home to their parents. Separate AC dormitories for boys and girls has been planned for future with the care takers whose responsibility is to ensure the cleanliness and personal assistance. In order to make a pleasant and comfortable homely stay, each dorm has an audio system and a Television set not only for entertainment but also to update with happenings around the world.


The students are provided with healthy nutritious breakfast, lunch and snacks at appropriate times. The cuisine will be Indian with a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian items; once a month the students will experience Continental cuisine which will broaden their knowledge, taste buds, and their knife and fork (cutlery) wielding skills. The food arrangements are available for the day students as well.


A comprehensive compound wall surrounds all the sides of the property ensuring basic protection for the students and teachers. A 24-hour security detail has been appointed to allow only authorized visitors into the campus and to keep track of any unusual activities. Surveillance cameras provide the required technical assistance to the security personnel.
The residential spaces have Dorm Parents who are teachers appointed to safeguard the students. The students themselves will be sensitized to possible dangers, people, situations which can cause safety and security issues.


The school has required medical facilities with an infirmary to take care of primary health care needs of the children. It has a tie up with a renowned multi speciality hospital.


The boarding students go for Sunday outing once a month along with the boarding teachers. They visit the places of historical interest, fun and entertainment, amusement parks, movies and museum.


Students are accommodated in spacious, well-ventilated dormitories separately for boys and girls with dorm parent and caretakers. Each dormitory has an audio system and a television set not only for entertainment but also to update with happenings around the world.


Students have fun, develop balance in their social interactions, increase their self esteem, gain new hands on experiences, learn to set goals, increase their awareness of leisure resources and develop culturally and emotionally.
VIVIDH has extensive Recreational activities and clubs. Students select and participate in a recreational activity that they choose every day after school and at the weekend.
The Recreation coordinator in collaboration with the staff monitors students’ activities and guide them appropriately.
Week day activities include sports like football, basket ball, indoor games, cycling, art club, tennis, music and dance.
Weekend recreation allows for more involved activities such as camping, fishing, field trips, trips to local sites, water parks, video shoot, photography, open theatre, lectures and many more.
Individual lessons like instrumental music, dance and fitness also available.

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